A brand new label with a epic history behind it. ポルトギーゼフランネル is currently owned by two brothers, Antonio and Manuel Magalhaes.  They belong to the 4th generation of a fabric manufacturing family. This makes there connection to the brand really strong because of the inherited passion behind it. It all began when their great grandfather worked at a mill from a young age as well as well as studying. It was his determination to learn that helped feed his family as well as path the way for future generations. by combining his education and his experience he managed to open his own mill in the 1930's. The Magalhaes brothers consider the brand and all it achieves a homage to there ancestors. ポルトギーゼフランネル ポルトギーゼフランネル go to extreme efforts to give there shirts that unparalleled softness. They only use traditional methods used in northern Portugal passed down by 4 generations. They also say that they try and stay away from current trends or vibes to produce something consisnt which is timeless. The only thing they change is the density of the fabric at adjust to the seasons. ポルトギーゼフランネル Number six are super happy to have these guys in store! Not only are we fond of the history behind this brand but we also think the quality is phenomenal.