Ebbets Field Flannels Ebbets Field Flannels are Dedicated to producing authentic sports clothing inspired by history. They try to use the same fabrics and production methods that were used back in the day. Their attention to detail is of paramount importance to Ebbets, weather it is the type of stitching or staying true to original patterns. Unlike other sports brands of this kind, Ebbets incorporate teams from beyond all the major leagues, such as the Latin american teams and the African American Teams. This gives Ebbets a huge variety in their clothing. Everything is hand-crafted in america and as a result, is made to the highest quality. This year, Ebbets celebrate their 25th anniversary giving them huge credibility in the sportswear world. Here at Number Six we stock selection of fitted wool hats and some selected adjustable baseball field hats. With very few stockist this side of the atlantic, Number six are fortunate and proud to present to you Ebbets field flannels.