Garbstore at Number Six

Garbstore seamlessly combine the old and the new to create something they’ve named the ‘unfamiliar vintage’. This unique concept is successfully driving designer Ian Paley’s vintage-ensconced vision into the 21st century menswear landscape. Paley draws influence from a global history. Key design elements from France, Britain and Japan are all referenced in the Garbstore collection.

“Devotion to accurately constructed pieces”

Garbstore at Number Six

Established in 2008, the devotion to accurately constructed and well-referenced pieces has remained unwavering. At the core, it’s contemporary clothing that’s been redefined using a strong historical citation. The APS Jacket has an enzyme wash and is finished with a vintage Talon zip closure, both of these are a close replication of the original details. Paley maintains the modern edge through innovation in design. This means that a lot of the collection is re-imagined to fit right into a contemporary lifestyle, whilst still bringing the best of the past into play.

“Authentic vintage… reminiscent of post-WWII clothing”

Garbstore at Number Six

The sweatshirts and T-shirts are cut from an authentic vintage pattern, which creates a fit reminiscent of post-WWII clothing. The Energy of Future T-SHIRT has become a firm staff favourite thanks to the durable, light cotton construction and tonal double stitch detailing.

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