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Joe: Always Here To Say Hello


Here we go, the latest of our Just Popped in to say hello feature. This time we have grilled our longest standing member Joe.  After two years at Number Six doing nearly every role it's safe to say he knows the place like the back of his hand. As Buyer Joe is responsible for providing all the delights we have to offer in store and online. Never to be seen without a hat, according to him due to his hairline, we wanted to get behind his trademark and find out a bit more about his wardrobe. We asked him our...

Victorinox: Multi fuctional Outerwear

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Victorinox has been going since 1884. The brand is renowned for their multi-tools. The famous cross & shield logo is known worldwide as a symbol of reliability & functionality. The clothing is new at Number Six for this season, therefore we're giving you a bit of information about it. Victorinox has recruited Christopher Raeburn to help bring the Swiss Army Knife to life in fabric form. The collaboration between the technical clothing expert and a brand steeped in heritage created a Modular clothing system perfect for all weather. Victorinox Modular System: The idea is that each piece of clothing can be...

SEVERAL; SS17 at London Collections

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The Several SS17 show at London Collection Mens was another nod to times gone by. Set in a yellow and white cafe, the show offered a retro palette even Wes Anderson would envy. The brands attention to detail did not fall short at the clothing. Vintage magazines and papers alongside toast on the table all served as parts of the Several time machine. Furthermore the clothing featured was just as much a tip of the hat to Britain of post war times. Utilitarian work wear teamed with the aspirational trench coat & sunglasses blended industrial styles of the early 20th...

Attention To Detail: The Work Jacket

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For any of you with a keen eye you might have noticed we are partial to a work Jacket at Number Six. Now I can think of many things to thank the French for like French bread, the 1998 world cup winning squad and mime artists, however Work Jackets have to top that list. The History: Originating in France, the work jacket was a staple of the French countryside. The most well known form of the work jacket is the "Bleu de Travail" jacket, this is the iconic jacket with heavy indigo dye. This jacket became prominent in France and throughout...

Dickies Heritage Est 1922

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Dickies is the heritage American icon that began selling overalls in Texas in 1922 gradually spreading its workwear to the rest of America, the Middle East, then Europe and Asia becoming the leading global innovator of workwear that it is presently. Dickies lead the way in producing authentic, high performance and durable workwear at unmatched value. The workwear experts have expanded into manufacturing casual workwear-inspired seasonal clothing including shirts, outerwear, denim and sweatshirts alongside cultural icons such as the 874® work pant.

Camplin Arrives At Number Six

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Number six has a new brand in store by the name of Camplin, a company steeped in history. Founded in 1850 by Edward Champlin with shops in both London and Portsmouth. later in 1888 Edwards son Charles started providing uniforms for the British Royal Navy. Charles considered the 'farther' of the Peacoat, he was awarded the NGSM (A service medal with blue and green stripes) and to this day the same blue and green tape is used in the finishing touches to the Peacoat. Mr Camplin came up with the idea of a jacket having the same style as an officers...

On the Number Six mannequins this week...

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Despite it being the month of May, the weather here in the big smoke is still very much on a winter vibe.  But, the sun is coming and we have some great summer jackets on the mannequins in store this week for you to pinch some beer garden inspiration from,  lovely sweats for those chilly summer nights and amazing shirts for when the the great British summer arrives in it's full glory. Firstly we have the Suit Kirk Jacket, Three Over One Reginald Athletic Sweatand the Libertine Libertine Gardenia Hunter Stitch shirt. Next we have the Three Over One Victor Over Shirt, Suit Clark jumper...

Paradise Found, Vanishing Elephant, Suit, NN07 & Garbstore

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A new month and some new garments. With Easter upon us an extra long weekend is in store for us and however you plan to spend it we've got pieces for every occasion. Aloha is the perfect word to describe this range of shirts from Paradise Found. A wonderful selection of Calla Lilly and Hibiscus shirts that take you back to the warm welcoming days of Hawaii in the 1930's and 1940's. These could not be more ideal for those long, warm summers days. The shirts have all over flower pattern which is one of the most authentic versions of the island's favourite...

Hartford, Adidas, Ralph Lauren, Pointer & Free Worldwide Shipping

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Hello again! The clocks have gone forward, the longer evenings are upon us and life is good at the old ship! We may have lost an hours sleep last weekend but we're not complaining. To make things even better we've got new additions to some of your favourite brands in store. First in this week we've got some garments from the brand that combines archetypal vintage European looks with America's renowned relaxed style, Hartford. With a load of summer weight Jive jackets, Jules blazers and one piece that really caught our eye, and would, we are sure, catch almost anyones eye! If floral...

Whats In The Window?

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Today we're bringing you a brand new feature and we're calling it 'Whats In The Window?'. It's exactly what it says on the tin, every time the mannequin in the window gets redressed we'll bring you a couple of snaps of it (via Instagram @NumberSixLondon) and let you know exactly whats being worn and the costs. Here is this weeks... Underneath it all is a Vanishing Elephant navy floral Amethyst classic over sized short sleeve shirt, made to be worn big and with a button down collar. A really nice piece that can be worn smart or casual. £70.00 Next is...

Penfield Monterey Sweaters

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After throwing up a couple of sneak peaks of these items on Twitter via Instagram (yes, you can now follow us on that to! (@NumberSixLondon)) we can reveal the snaps were of these, new Penfield Monterey Sweaters available in charcoal, heritage blue and navy. More of a light jacket for the impending warmer weather and having been given a light vintage wash for a more spring/summer feel, this garment is ideal for the forthcoming months. It stays true to the Penfield code so to speak “For life in the open” by combining fashion, function and durability as well as using Penfield's premium...

Press Love Shortlist X Number Six

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It's always great when the press want to write about us - this was an extra nice piece. Not only is this orange Heritage Research parka from Number Six the Style Director's choice but they even showed ittwice! Now that is a bit of a style crush...If you missed it, have a read of the entire issue right here.