80 Years Of Baracuta.


A Brief History Of Baracuta Time. Since 1937, Baracuta has been the jacket supplier for countless icons, actors, cultures and musicians to express their unique styles. Elvis Presley, Steve McQueen, Frank Sinatra, Arnold Palmer and later Jamie T, Damon Albarn & even James Bond have all adorned the iconic 'Harrington'. That's an ambassador list we can certainly get behind! Hailing from Manchester, the Original Baracuta Jacket started life as a golf garment. The tailored fit providing smart styling, and the 'umbrella' back vent supplying increased manoeuvrability. Practicality and looking great working in perfect harmony. As with any truly special garment,...

January Staff Picks!

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We have pulled out some of our staff picks to show you folks just what we are into this season. Its all about that classic look for us at the moment. check out what we picked! First up is the woven calfs leather belt from Anderson's. Being a huge fan of all of there range it was hard to pick one to talk about. This one is an absolute classic; in appearance and construction. From Italy, Anderson's  have been going strong since 1966 being the top of their game by selecting the finest materials and being very selective on how there belts look....