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Jake: Always Here to Say Hello


Last but by no means least in our Staff edition of Just Popped in to say hello is the head honcho, Jake. As the mastermind behind everything Number Six it's fair to say Jake probably has some nuggets of wisdom to share when it comes to the world of menswear & retail. We sat down and grilled him with our usual few questions. The answers.. What do you do? Jake: Window Washer / Cleaner at Number Six Your house is on fire, what do you save? Jake: As many clothes as I can carry! And my Camera... What are you...

Introducing Anderson's Belts at Number Six

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Parma Italy is known for a lot of things- delicious cheeses, amazing prosciutto and breathtaking architecture. We at Number Six love all those things, especially the cheeses, but our most favourite thing to come out of Parma is Anderson's Belts. This sort-after belt company has been doing its thing in Parma since the brands conception in 1966. Now, we know what you're thinking - the brand doesn't sound very Italian, does it? Well, the reason being is Mr Carlo Valenti, the founder of Anderson's Belts, quite admired traditional British style and, as a somewhat homage, gave his label an English...

Anderson's Belts

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Hope you have all had a good week so far? Here at Number Six we have sure enjoyed all this lovely weather. Lets hope it stays that way! Today we are going to talk about the importance about a belt in an outfit or the wardrobe for that matter. If you look around you on the street or on the tube you are sure to find examples of impeccably put together outfits that have been completely let down by the wrong belt! The one belt fits all mantra certainly doesn’t work in our opinion and when it comes to belts...