A selection of sweaters from Universal works penfield tsptr and soulland Its come again! That time of year when everybody seems to look what everyone else is doing before they decide if they can stop wearing socks with trainers or stop wearing a jacket. I know its early days, but spring is here. I thought it only appropriate to show off some of our new gear. Some days are bound to be a bit nippy so these sweaters are a must if you wanna stay warm. a photo of two sweaters from universal works and soulland First up, on the left is the Heskin Sweat from ユニバーサルワークス. The Funk Loopback adds a playful tone to the somewhat muted colours. A necessity if your going for that smart casual but secretly wild look.  On the right we have the Phelps Sweatshirt from Soulland. The technical composition of this sweater is mind-blowing. It has a layered mesh effect and is probably the most comfortable sweater I own! two sweaters from penfield and tsptr   Carrying on, we have these two chirpy numbers. On the left we have the Hemming Crewneck sweater from Penfield. With a brushed inner its so soft to the touch! This sweater will be a favourite for summer evenings or spring outfit layers. On the right we have a New arrival from TSPTR. Featuring a Peanut character print (Is that snoopy's bad ass cousin?) and a striking eye-catching colour. Again, this guy has a super soft brushed inner and would be perfect for summer evenings. Be sure to keep an eye on our latest products page for more goodness from your favourite brands!