Most gangs use colours to recognise who is on their side and who isn't. A gang formed in Brooklyn in the late 80s use a similar concept, however it isn't colours they use its the infamous all-American clothing brand Ralph Lauren. Taking their name from the second syllable of Polo, the 'Lo Lifes' religiously collected the vibrant coloured, boldly designed garments from a brand that stands for aspiration and wealth, something the gang wanted to convey by wearing it. They also respected the man himself, who had similar humble beginnings, hailing from the Bronx, so much so that some even carried photos of him in their wallets. With many tales of 'racking' (stealing everything from the rails) everything that had a Ralph tag on it from big stores including Maccy's and Bloomingdales the gang treated New York in the late 80s and early 90s as their catwalk. Such was the influence of the Lo Lifes that they are cited as the primary reason for Ralph Lauren being adopted into the hip hop culture with its big graphics and status.