Le Laboureur offer traditional workwear crafted in France. A family run business since 1956, Le Laboureur's garments focus on high quality construction and simple design fit for the worker. It is exactly this focus that has allowed their workwear to grow from being sold on a market stall in Burgundy, France, to being a staple in any mans wardrobe. Le Laboureur Jackets At Number Six we stock the classic work jacket in a range of fabrics ranging from Moleskin to Wool, perfect for an extra layer or as a casual ジャケット. Work Jackets Fabrics It is Le Laboureur's background in traditional and functional workwear that allows their garments to have a long life and utilitarian design unlike many other jackets. Using local fabrics and factories means Le Laboureur create a truly french product of the highest quality and most authentic origins.

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