pete-iacovou Occupation: Floor Manager at Rida Studios. Lives: Brixton Favourite City: London is my home and I still love it but Vancouver is an incredible city. Think I could easily live there. Favourite Book: Stone Junction by Jim Dodge. Hunger by Knut Hamson a close second. Favourite Record: Absolutely impossible to choose one record. It changes all the time...this afternoon it's Piñata by Freddie Gibbs and Madlib. It'll be something completely different by this evening though. I go off on tangents frequently when it comes to music. Favourite Film: That's hard. It's a 3 horse race between Sergio Leone's 'The good, the bad and the ugly, Jim Jarmusch's 'Down by Law and Terence Malik's 'Badlands'. Favourite Restaurant: Militzis in Larnaca, Cyprus. So good! What are you wearing today: Garbstore mountain parka, Full Count hoody, Silas tee, Andersons belt, Edwin Ed55 jeans, Democratique socks, Redwing Wabasha boots and a Seil Marschall rucksack. Favourite Item in Number Six today: Too many to mention but I've just bought a Dickies coach jacket and some more Democratique socks.