Parma Italy is known for a lot of things- delicious cheeses, amazing prosciutto and breathtaking architecture. We at Number Six love all those things, especially the cheeses, but our most favourite thing to come out of Parma is Anderson's Belts. This sort-after belt company has been doing its thing in Parma since the brands conception in 1966.
Now, we know what you're thinking - the brand doesn't sound very Italian, does it? Well, the reason being is Mr Carlo Valenti, the founder of Anderson's Belts, quite admired traditional British style and, as a somewhat homage, gave his label an English name. How's that?
Sourcing only the finest materials around, the craftsman at Anderson's Belts are true masters. The skill and care that go into each one of these belts is clearly evident upon viewing in the flesh. Their woven styles are particularly lovely as they work for a casual or dressy occasion.
Anderson's Belts happen to be Number Six's favourite brand and we'd love it to be yours as well. It's also a good idea to get familiar because we'll be doing some awesome exclusives with them in the new year!
So, next time you're doing up your trousers, think about Anderson's.