Those of you with a keen eye may have noticed a slight obsession with stripes this summer.  You've probably also guessed that we are loving it. There is nothing like adding a bit of nostalgia to your look with a retro stripe or a bit of Ivy style with a striped oxford. That is not to mention some of the stripe wearing icons of days gone by, greats like James Dean, Pablo Picasso and of course Dennis the Menace. In celebration of all things stripy we've done a round up of some our season favourites. Without further a do here is the Number Six guide to your summer stripes. sunseeker

Gant Rugger Seersucker Banker HOBD Shirt (Soft Blue):

This lightweight seer sucker shirt from Gant is a beauty. The textured fabric comes in a light blue and white stripe. A button down collar and close fit make this a great option for anyone looking to emulate that "Take Ivy" look of 50's America.


Our Legacy Splash Bolly Tee (Yellow Cream Stripe):

Not for the faint hearted (though we expect you know that by now) Our Legacy produce bold design in bright and outlandish prints and colours. This is no exception. This bright yellow stripe from the Mid season Splash collection has all the hall marks of Our Legacy. Teamed with a Denim Jacket or Baracuta G9 we reckon this could be a classic.


We could hardly talk about stripes and not include the nautical goodness of アーマー・ルクス. The french brands breton tops are made in France and maintain the features of the original mariners jerseys.  Breton tops are the one's worn by James Dean, Pablo Picasso & Andy Warhol (good company eh?). An アーマー・ルクス breton is the type of top we think every one should have one of.