Number six has a new brand in store by the name of Camplin, a company steeped in history. Founded in 1850 by Edward Champlin with shops in both London and Portsmouth. later in 1888 Edwards son Charles started providing uniforms for the British Royal Navy. Charles considered the 'farther' of the Peacoat, he was awarded the NGSM (A service medal with blue and green stripes) and to this day the same blue and green tape is used in the finishing touches to the Peacoat. Camplin Blog Mr Camplin came up with the idea of a jacket having the same style as an officers coat but he practical ease in moment of a jacket. So the P.Officers got their P.Coat (P Standing for Petty Officer) which for phonetic reasons became the peacoat. This is the story behind why Mr Camplin is rightly believed by many the be the inventor of the Peacoat. Camplin Camplin Peacoat's are made the highest quality waterproof wool and are available in store at Number Six now!