The Number Six Christmas Gift Guide 2018 - Number Six

The Number Six Christmas Gift Guide 2018

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Whether you’ve supported us since the beginning, or you’re new to the team, here at Number Six, we’ve always been dedicated to making things as easy for you as possible. This year is no exception, we’ve spent the last few weeks developing a handpicked, curated selection of the very best bits from across the Number Six rails. From a super functional, cleanly designed beanie, to one of the world’s best bits of outerwear, we’ve got you covered for the finest Christmas gifts about.

The Ideal Companion

C.C. Filson has been adorning the world’ hard workers with its 100% Virgin Mackinaw Wool for more than 100 years now. Providing for everyone from pioneering prospectors, hunters, anglers to engineers and explorers, the necessary function to help them keep their industry going was Filson’s responsibility. The continued effort to make his goods from the best materials obtainable has continued to reinforce the family names values of reliability, satisfaction, and honesty. There’s even a map pocket on the back for all your chocolate-coin-storage needs.

Shop the Filson Mackinaw Wool Cruiser Jacket (Dark Navy)

Read more about Filson's Mackinaw Wool.

The Lifesavers

Hestra UTSJO Gloves (Yellow)

Boxing Day walk attire sorted. The world's finest glove manufacturers, Hestra, are back to provide the only real winter essential you need to know about. The UTSJO Glove is made from a super soft Elk leather outer, and a super soft brushed wool lining that creates a durable inner. There is an adjustable snap closure at the cuff and subtle branding at the wrist. The seam at the palm allows for a comfortable fit every time.

Shop the yellow ones.

Also available in Dark Brown, Black, and Brick Red.

The Ultimate Classic

Laboratory Perfumes Eau De Toilette (Amber)

For the last 7 years, London-based fragrance specialists Laboratory Perfumes have been at the forefront of innovative, original scent-making. Each product they develop is blended with precision and careful consideration to ensure everything they do maintains a seal of outstanding quality. They’re all good options, but here at Number Six we reckon you can’t go wrong with a classic. Amber was the first fragrance to form the Laboratory Perfumes collection. Designed to react to the wearer and evolve over the day, it’s the sure-fire winner for all.

Shop Laboratory Perfumes Eau De Toilette (Amber)

To Top It All Off

SIXES Jenner Beanie (Forest)

Influenced by our friends, family, and the people we've met since we started, SIXES is our homegrown brand of wardrobe staples. We like to keep things local, so all of our products are made right here in the UK, meaning we can make sure everything's made ethically, sustainably, and looks pretty decent too. The Jenner Beanie is the ultimate go-to, with an all-over block colourway that makes it versatile for any occasion. Made from pure lambswool, it's soft, warm, and will last you for a good few years to come. We recommend a double fold on the rim for the best fit. Protecting against the cold and keeping the look together. What more could you want for the festive season?

Shop SIXES Jenner Beanie (Forest)

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