Baracuta G9 Jacket Street Model Shot

Baracuta, the masterminds behind the iconic G9 Original Jacket, worn by menswear fashion icons and musicians including Elvis and Frank Sinatra, adorned by subcultures everywhere. 

Growing in popularity in the 50’s, the Harrington Jacket was originally designed by Brothers John and Isaac Miller for golfers. Now, the G9 Jacket is a universal wardrobe staple.

The smart design and iconic silhouette make it a great layering tool, and the trademark Fraser Tartan lining and the fact it's made in England are the cherries on top. It features a 2-way zip right up to the neck, raglan sleeves for ease of shoulder movement. 2 button-up flap pockets on the lower front at a 45-degree angle and the design of the back yoke, inspired by the umbrella, so the rain falls away from the jacket, are just little details that make the G9 so good. The design has never been altered, and we can see why.

When you wear it right, the G9 jacket is the solution to effortless cool. So we’re here to give you a helping hand, for how to wear it and what to wear it with.

The Sporty One:

Baracuta G9 Jacket in Cornflower Blue

If you want versatility, the Harrington really is the one, easily upping your game on the most casual of days. Here we paired the Baracuta Harrington in Cornflower, with a Champion sweat combo and Converse 70 High top, because it doesn’t have to be a smart day.

The Heritage one:

Baracuta G9 Original Jacket in Indigo

Heritage in Menswear is timeless. Needless to say here at Number Six, we definitely appreciate all things Heritage. The Harrington jacket can be worn in a simple outfit, alongside our other staple heritage brands, a classic Breton stripe from Armor Lux, Levi’s vintage clothing 1954 501’s to roughen it up, lastly paired with a pair of our Red Wing Moc Toe Boot in Brown, simple yet effective.

The Smart One:

Baracuta G9 Original Jacket (Black)

Replace your blazer, with the G9. Being a timeless piece the G9 Harrington lets you have an easy switch from day to night, casual to smart, which we all know isn't the easiest of tasks for drinks after work. You can keep it simple with minimal colours and light layers. Our switch up includes Edwin 55 Chinos, a Portuguese Flannel Atlantico shirt to add some texture, Astorflex boots, and the Mismo Market Tote. Trust us, it works.

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