Number Six x Rough Trade Roundup

Introducing the Number Six x Rough Trade Roundup.

Bringing you a dose of fresh, monthly highlights straight from our rails and their shelves. As one of the only shops who have been on Dray Walk longer than we have, Rough Trade East have always been our neighbours. In fact, most mornings you’ll find the ナンバーシックス crew in the cafe before we start our day. Big up Remi. As the ultimate independent suppliers of proper music, we’ve always felt a connection between the Rough Trade ethos, and our own. We’re both dedicated to providing a curated selection of the things we really believe in. In light of this, we thought we’d spend a couple of minutes together to talk our two favourite things: menswear and music.

Number Six x Rough Trade Roundup 2

This month: Kaspar.

How long have you worked at Rough Trade?

About a year, give or take a couple of months.

Record of the month:

Parquet Courts - ‘Wide Awaaaake!

Why did you choose this one?

The album is a brilliant piece of modern, punk music. It’s politically charged with some engaging lyrics that create a really interesting message. They discuss modern society in a nutshell and explore a lot of things that they believe to be fundamental issues. But, what makes it so interesting, is that it’s always fused with a really upbeat, catchy tune that just makes you want to dance. It’s anarchic, critical, and shows us how we should be celebrating individuality.

Song recommendation:

‘Total Football

Talk us through your outfit from the Number Six rails.

I don’t usually go for pink, but when I saw the Universal Works Road Shirt, it won me over straight away. That’s what I dig about Number Six, it’s the most versatile selection of menswear you could imagine. It brings together well-known brands and local or niche clothing producers on the same level. It just means that it’s ideal for me, because I can be very picky about what I like, as can a lot of people, so it’s great to know Number Six will always have me covered for any occasion.

Favourite item from Number Six?

I loved the Lois Jeans Jumbo Cords, I’ve never worn anything like that before. The slight flare on them was brilliant, such a classic cut, and even though the cord was durable, it still felt easy to wear.

What’s the plan for the rest of the day?

I definitely need to rest. Regenerate a little bit before tomorrow, this weekend was insane.

Nice one, Kaspar. See you soon...

Number Six x Rough Trade Roundup 3